C-Dit Educational Partnership

C-Dit Educational Partnership programme (CEP) Centre for development of imaging technology Under Govt. of Kerala

Co-operative Arts & Science college, an undertaking of Thiruvananthapuram Taluk Educational Co-operative Society, is a Computer Educational partner of Centre for Developement Imaging Technology (C-DIT - Under Government of Kerala).

C-DITĀ¬CEP offers various courses specially designed to meet the needs of students studying various computer & career courses. The computer lab is equiped with state -of-art technology. The student who belong to SC / ST and BPL category are eligible for fee concession.

About C-dit Courses
High Quality syllabus and course materials.
Centralised Examination.
Centralised Valuation.
Certificate issued jointly by Registrar / Director on behalf of C-Dit and Seccretary / PRO, for and on behalf of Govt. of Kerala.
Job Portal.
Online Verification facility Certificates for those seeking job.
Prospectus abroad
.25% fee concession to SC/ST and BPL category students.