Three Year Degree Course:

First Year
Paper I Prose
Paper II Modern Language Malayalam/ Hindi/Tamil/ Sanskrit
Part - III Subject
Paper I - Principles of Business Decisions - Management and Business Communication
Paper III Entrepreneurship Development
Paper IV Financial Accounting
Second Year
Paper 1 English
Paper II Poetry, Functional Grammar & Communicative Skills
Part IIl Subjects
Paper V Business Regulatory Framework
Paper VI Business Statistics
Paper VIl Principles of Marketing
Paper VIlI Advanced Financial Accounting
Paper IX - Optional Subject Paper I

a, Taxation Law & Accounts I

b. Co-operation I

c. Travel and Tourism I

d. Electronic Data Processing and Computer Applications Paper- I
Third Year
Part III Main
Paper X Banking Law and Practice
Paper XI Auditing
Paper XII Cost Accounting
Paper XIII Capital Market
Paper XIV
Management Accounting
Paper XV Optional Subject Paper II

a, Taxation Law & Accounting II

b. Co-operation II

c. Travel and Tourism II

d. Electronic Data Processing and Computer Applications II